Sparkling White Smiles Review

Sparkling White Smiles Review

Sparkling White Smiles – The Review

Sparkling White Smiles provides mouth guards to fit each user’s specific mouth and assures to utilize only the highest-quality, FDA-approved supplies. The mouth guards enclose only ratified EVA materials with no plasticides or BPAs. This product is also 100% latex free. In fact, most dental technicians in the company’s advanced laboratories will make your mouth guard, a qualitative and well-fit.

What is Sparkling White Smiles?

Sparkling White Smiles specifically produces the Teeth Night Guard. The lab’s main goal is to yield simple, personalized, and affordable dental guards that will offer relief for those people who clench and grind their teeth. There are 3 different kinds of custom mouth guards produced by Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab.

Patients may even choose between wearing the guards on the upper or lower teeth. In fact, the quality of methods and materials utilized to produce the Teeth Night Guard are great. Not only the techniques or materials approved by the FDA but also the resulting dental teeth guards are a real replication of the quality.

The dental technicians recognized for these comfortable guards and well-fitting are even highly qualified and have several years of experience. Apart from producing clenching guards for discrete patients, it can be even useful for most professionals like chiropractors, ENT, neurologists, physical therapists, oral surgeons, dentists, and doctors.

In such cases, when you directly order a custom mouth guard from a dentist, she/he will request it to be prepared by Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab. This is because of the dentists usually don’t have enough resources to create the guards. They will, however, control you to make extra money for the teeth guards.

Sparkling White Smiles Review

Features of Sparkling White Smiles

Sparkling White Smiles is produced in the USA by well-trained dental technicians with several years of experience. The materials utilized to produce by the guards are FDA-approved. These mouth guards are highly customized for most patients. They are comfy and typically the top dentist endorsements for those people suffering from clenching and bruxism.

Sparkling White Smiles are considered light, inexpensive, tough and durable. Buying these guards will provide the best price for money. However, the night guards are not uneven or as an immense as those bought in the stores as it offers 30-days cash back and it said to be a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Lastly, it gives an accessible ordering method for a short period of time.

Why Choose Sparkling White Smiles?

The actual price of dental guards from its official website is reasonably cheaper compare with other dentists since it has its own specific dental lab for producing the guards. In fact, consumers are only required to propel their teeth impression for their prospective customized guards to be produced. Though this product is reasonable, every dental guard produced under the maximum supervision of a well-trained dental professional to confirm if they are truly in high-quality.

Sparkling White Smiles Review

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Sparkling White Smiles – The Pros and Cons


  • Each is well customized-made for all individual customers.
  • There 3 different levels of protection for diverse levels of grinding.
  • The durable materials mean fewer alternatives.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.
  • All the materials are considered hypoallergenic and significantly approved for dental use.
  • It’s a bit quite cheaper alternative to an exclusive dentist office mouth guards.


  • The corporation only primarily shifts small and large trays, which many report that it doesn’t fit at all.
  • Customers state that they need to interact to the Sparkling White Smiles to acquire a medium-sized guard.
  • Some customers say the guards can move their bite.
  • The guards may be too heavy for some, causing the customer to sleep with their mouth incompletely open.
  • Thick grinders have found the .120” models to be too delicate in some instances.
  • Some customers need to send numerous report or impressions having received the incorrect mouth guard from the mail.

Sparkling White Smiles – Final Verdict

Sparkling White Smiles provides well-made mouth guards that can minimize the pain and other related issues of compressing and teeth grinding, as well. They deal with an inexpensive but high-quality substitute to dentist office mouth guards, which are considered to be finest than the store-bought replicas.

Moreover, Sparkling White Smiles provides solid mouth guards that give protection and coziness at a decent value. If your dentist gives a recommendation, it is highly recommended to follow it. If not, users find more a proper care when having a guard for the teeth that presently have less pain or wear from the grinding.

About 80% of consumers take an upper guard because of several issues. While not even harming your tongue, some users find that lower guards disturb the tongue as they go to sleep. The corporation promises it will transport your guard teeth within 10 days. Meanwhile, Amazon consumers say the protector can arrive in the mail in just 5 days.

Sparkling White Smiles Review


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