Smile 4 You Review

Smile 4 You Review

Smile 4 You Teeth Whitening Review

Having beautiful, clean, and white set of teeth is very important because it can affect a person’s self-confidence and social interaction. According to researches, the person’s physical appearance especially the face has great effect on how people interact with others. Of course, that is easy to explain. When you have clean, white teeth, you will be confident to smile and speak with other people. However, with stained and discoloured teeth, you feel shy to smile or even open your mouth to speak and will avoid opening your mouth to hide your ugly teeth.

This is why teeth whitening products have been really in demand for years now and people today have numerous options when it comes to whitening their teeth. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for dental services from a dentist, then a home teeth whitening kit is your next best option. There are now many DIY home teeth whitening kits available in the market and one of the most popular brands is the Smile 4 You express teeth whitening product.

Smile 4 You by Dr. George Madray

Smile 4 You home teeth whitening products are actually not a new brand of teeth whitening product. This brand has been one of the first home kits offered more than 20 decades ago. It was developed by Dr. George Madray – a famous dental surgeon and is also a lecturer in various academies. He developed this product in 1987 and was released as Dr George Dental White product. As the first ever teeth whitening product, it became significantly popular and on the same year, Dr. Madray developed the first concentrated tooth whitening gels. He holds the patent for the first teeth whitening system. He has been supplying teeth whitening gels and products for professional dentists for 2 decades now.

Smile 4 You Review

What is Smile 4 You and How Does it Whitens Teeth?

Most teeth whitening gels are composed of hydrogen peroxide or also known as Carbamide Peroxide. Although not seen by the naked eyes, our teeth actually has very small pores and this small pores are where some elements in the food we eat especially stains tend to attach. Some of the most common culprits of teeth stains and discoloring are coffee, tea, and smoking. The elements in these products tend to enter these pores or small holes in the teeth causing teeth discoloration and darkening. Carbamide Peroxide whitens teeth by releasing active oxygen when applied in the teeth. This active oxygen reacts with the stains in the teeth and eliminates the stain in the teeth.

Through proper amount of Carbamide Peroxide, people can definitely expect faster and effective results. This is the same whitening formula used by dentists but with home teeth whitening kits, people can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars since dentists usually impose higher fees for teeth whitening treatments.

What’s in the Package and How to Use it?

Proper usage is very important in order to ensure best results and also to avoid problems caused by wrong usage especially involving active and strong ingredients like Carbamide Peroxide. When you buy the Smile 4 You home teeth whitening kit, you will receive one large bottle or container of the Smile 4 You teeth whitening gel, 2 teeth whitening trays, aftercare gel syringes, and an applicator. The teeth whitening gel can be used up to 200 treatments or applications and have a shelf life of 2 years.

To use the product, you need to use the teeth trays. First, you need to warm the tray and mold it to your teeth. Before attaching the tray to your teeth, apply a sufficient amount of teeth whitening gel to the tray using the applicator. The tray is very important since it prevents the product from coming in contact with your gums and tongue since it can cause burn and damage in the gums.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The product contains a sufficient amount of Carbamide Peroxide (16%) which is effective enough but still safe. Anything beyond that value can cause burn, and gum and tooth damages.
  • Product package comes with aftercare product to prevent sensitive teeth.
  • Consumers can receive 100% 14-day money back guarantee.
  • FDA approved.
  • Shelf life of the product is longer compared to other products.
  • Definitely way cheaper than dental whitening services offered by dentists.


  • Application is quite complicated and must be done correctly in order to be effective.
  • Price may vary because of different discounts offered by different dealers or sellers.
  • There is no unique element or ingredient setting the product apart from other popular DIY home teeth whitening kits.

Final Verdict

Smile 4 You can be considered as the original teeth whitening product developed for home use. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, manufacturers of this product can ensure consumers of quality, effective and safe product that has been continuously improved for years. Smile 4 You is definitely recommended for anyone who want to achieve cleaner and whiter teeth.

Smile 4 You Review


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