Power Swabs Review

Power Swabs Review

Can Power Swabs Really Whiten Your Teeth?

Dr. Martin Giniger’s Power Swabs is the best solution for having white and bright teeth. This whitening product can provide you with supreme clinically tested results. These brightening swabs are extremely effective and will not leave any teeth sensitivity at all. On the average, applying swabs for five minutes can brighten teeth with two shades. There is no other product in the market which can give you this rapid result. Power Swabs is not just for teeth brightening but it can also eliminate stains from veneers, crowns, caps, dentures as well as dental implants.

Why Should You Use Power Swabs

After making 7 applications of Dr. Giniger’s Power Swabs on your teeth, you can anticipate to have a healthier and brighter smile. It’s a teeth cleaning and brightening treatment expert which you can use conveniently at your own home. It is being sold in a moderate price so most consumers can afford to buy it. It is more advantageous compared to teeth brightening strips. It has been proven that it can clean teeth and in addition brighten teeth. Because of this, a lot of people have decided to utilize Power Swabs for teeth brightening as opposed to paying a lot of dollars for a cosmetic dentist. In customer reviews, one of the greatest things that they appreciate the most about this product is that they can focus on the particular teeth that need more brightening. With oral care additional items, customers can guarantee that their teeth can remain whiter and healthier especially if they are on the go.

Power Swabs Review

How Power Swabs Work

In just two steps, you can guarantee that Power Swabs can make your teeth whiter. In as little as five minutes only, you can achieve six shades whiter teeth. All you have to do is to follow these simple and easy directions.

The first step involves the stain-out swab which has the capacity to dig deeper and remove the stains away. Simply use the stain-out swab on your stained teeth. In rubbing the gel, make sure that you do it in circular movement. Do this for two minutes and allow thirty seconds for it to dry.

After applying the stain-out swabs, the next step is to use the whitening swabs. Simply rub the swabs on your teeth. It should also be done in a circular motion and should last for two minutes. You should wait for thirty seconds until it becomes dry. Remember that after utilizing the Power Swabs you are not allowed to eat or drink for the succeeding thirty minutes.

Power Swabs should be utilized for seven days then afterward you can start using the Power Swabs maintenance kit. For best results, it is advisable to utilize the maintenance kit after seven days of utilizing the Power Swabs.

Benefits of Using Power Swabs

By using Power Swabs, you can gain more self-confidence in the office. Success can be achieved by those people who have whiter teeth. Having whiter teeth also means having a great love life. On your first date, your partner will quickly be attracted to your bright smile. By having cleaner and whiter teeth, you can also have a healthier mouth and avoid any illnesses. Aside from this, you can also have a positive point of view on life. Power Swabs has a low price which is very affordable to the general public.

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The Good and Bad Points of Power Swabs


  • Other products for teeth whitening are utilizing strays or strips which take a longer time and additionally it is extremely uncomfortable. With Power Swabs, it is very easy to use and the results can be seen quickly which is why it is considered as the best at-home product with regards to time consumption.
  • You cannot feel any irritation and it can also be used by individuals who have sensitive gums due to the fact that it has no Hydrogen Peroxide just like any other products.
  • It has the capacity to eliminate stains and can even alter the color of your crowns, veneers and caps.
  • On the first utilization of Power Swabs you can quickly notice two shades whitening effect and after seven days, you can enjoy six shades whitening effect.


  • It is not suitable for women who are pregnant or lactating. Power Swabs was never tested on pregnant women on the grounds that it is immoral to do such tests.
  • It is not available in any grocery store; however you can buy it online specifically on their official website.

The Final Verdict

Your smile is very important and if you have a brighter smile then you will feel proud of it. There’s no need for you to go to an expert or use other solutions which are not effective at all. You can simply use Power Swabs at your home in order to make your teeth cleaner and whiter. Start using this product now so you can have a happier and healthier life.

Power Swabs Review


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