Orabrush Review

Orabrush Review

Orabrush Tongue Care Product Review

A tongue cleaner also known as tongue scraper or tongue brush is an oral hygiene tool designed to clean the accumulated left over in the surface of the tongue such as dead cells, fungi, food debris, and even bacteria build up. The bacteria and the fungi that thrive in our tongue can lead to many oral health problems as well as general health problems. Decaying bacteria creates volatile sulfur compounds at the back of the tongue that is the major cause for halitosis or bad breath.

Tongue cleaning has been around since the ancient times in Russia and India. Specially designed and handcrafted tongue cleaners made of sterling, tortoise shell, and ivory were made available in the 19th century. The top or visible area of the tongue can be clean using a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner. But toothbrushes are not considered effective when cleaning the tongue because toothbrushes are designed for brushing the teeth. Toothbrushes are made for solid structures like the teeth but are not appropriate for the spongy tissue of the tongue.

Orabrush by Dr. Bob Wagstaff

Dr. Bob Wagstaff developed Orabrush. He spent 8 years trying to sell his great invention and cost him $40,000 in making infomercial about Orabrush. No one really paid mind to his new invention and only sold around 100 pieces. It is very hard when you are starting with a business that is not yet known and the same is true for Dr. Bob Wagstaff.

He approached many famous marketer and companies but none of them was interested to sell his products or buy his patent. Dr. Bob Wagstaff however did not give up on his discovery and tried a group of marketing students in Marriott School of Management to conduct a study on how to market the product. The results however concluded that 92% of the people will not buy the product over the internet.

Luckily, there was a student, who is not part of the study, believed on the 8% percent chance that people would actually buy Orabrush. The student name was Jeffrey Harmon and he believed that the 8% percent would be millions of potential customers. Together with the help of a guy named Austin Graig, Harmon and Graig started on a project to make a YouTube infomercial. The video garnered millions of audience and in return made Orabrush come to the attention of many retailers and distributors.

Orabrush Review

How Orabrush Works

Orabrush is a tool specifically made to clean the tongue because 90% percent of the cause of bad breath comes from the tongue. Orabrush with the help of tongue foam is the worlds’ leading system when it comes to dealing with bad breath. Orabrush is much better than the toothbrush because it has ultra soft, pointed bristles that can loosen stinky bacteria by reaching deep into the uneven crevices of the tongue.

The bristles of the Orabrush are the same as the bristles of the brush that surgeons use when washing their hands before an operation to clean the bacteria from their hands. On the other hand, the bristles of the toothbrush are designed for smooth surfaces such as the teeth. The scraper of the Orabrush then collects and removes the residue and bacteria produced by brushing the tongue, which in return leads to fresh breath.

Orabrush Review

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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Orabrush


  • Using Orabrush will help you taste your food better because the taste buds can be found in the tongue.
  • Orabrush removes the bacteria which leads to a fresher breath and prevention of having bad breath.
  • Using Orabrush reduces the plaque on the teeth because the bacteria on the tongue if not removed will produce soft plaque that migrates to the teeth.
  • Keeping your tongue clean using Orabrush can help you prevent heart disease and stroke because Orabrush removes the microorganism that enters the mouth and into the bloodstream which increases the risk of such medical conditions.


  • Customers should apply the right amount of pressure when brushing the tongue for it may cause pain and bleeding if applied excessively.
  • The edge of Orabrush is made of plastic which could possibly gather a little bit of tongue gunk.
  • Some customers feel that the Orabrush is a little wider and the bristles were a little weak and flimsy.

Final Verdict

Orabrush product by Dr. Bob Wagstaff is already a famous product worldwide. Many experts recommend Orabrush when it comes to oral health care because of the various health benefits it offers to its users. It is a tested and proven product worldwide, which is very effective especially when dealing with bad breath. If you want to eradicate bad breath and maintain a fresh breath, then you should try this inexpensive and easy to use Orabrush, which is trusted and used by millions of people all around the world.

Orabrush Review


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