How to Whiten Teeth Instantly at Home

How to Whiten Teeth Instantly at Home

Home-Grown Methods on Teeth Whitening

Humans are social beings; hence the need to socialize is imperative. Can you make friends and enjoy other people’s company without communicating through talks? Unless you are mute, you surely can’t. Talking and smiling can make people feel good, but it can sometimes be a problem to those whose set of teeth are stained and not white enough to make them feel confident.

A person’s age and diet are two of the most common causes of tooth color changes. As people grow older, their teeth’s outer covering (enamel) becomes thinner making their teeth’s inner layer (dentin) appear darker. Furthermore, frequent intakes of colored liquids like tea, coffee and colas can somehow make your teeth look darker.

Sitting on a dentist’s chair is not the only option you have to whiten your teeth. Several other methods are available for you to obtain and maintain the pearly white teeth you had always dreamed of. Your visit to the dentist can not only be a terrifying encounter for those who have dental phobias (fear of dentist), it can also drain your money bags big-time.

Comfy Home Solutions That Can Whiten Teeth

If you wish to whiten your teeth without the hassles of going to dental clinics, try some home-based techniques that are proven effective.

Commercial Whiteners

Trays and strips can work out wonders for your teeth. These whiteners make use of peroxide solutions to guard the teeth from discoloration agents. Everyday use can make your teeth look more dazzling especially if you chose whiteners with greater peroxide concentrations and longer application time allowances.

Paint-on whiteners work just like trays and strips through the help of peroxide solutions, except that it is more target-specific. It is helpful especially if teeth discolorations are widely distributed.

Toothpastes are the most conventional agents that people use to whiten teeth at home. Most toothpaste brands available in the market have add-on whiteners to better combat existing and potential teeth discolorations.

Mouthwash can take off only superficial stains that do not stay in contact with the teeth for a long time. If you do not puff cigarettes and drink dark-colored drinks often, you might not need this at home.

Natural Whiteners

Hydrogen peroxide is the probably the most powerful and affordable teeth whitening tool you have at home. Even though its taste can make some people sick, its great effect on whitening teeth is beyond compare. It may not leave off a good mint-like taste afterwards, but rinsing your mouth with this chemical twice a day for about a minute will give you fast and fascinating results.

Fruits like strawberries and lemon are organic remedies that can whiten teeth naturally. Strawberries contain malic acid, a substance proven to remove stains on teeth. All you have to do is cut the strawberry open and rub it against affected teeth. On the other hand, lemon sap, fresh or bottled, plain or mixed can also help whiten teeth. Using fruits when mixed with baking soda will whiten teeth in no time.

Baking soda, every household’s pantry mainstay can help you achieve your whitest brightest smile. Create a toothpaste like substance by mixing it with hydrogen peroxide and brush it over your teeth as you normally do with regular toothpaste for about two minutes.

Herbs can be good whitening agents. Walnut tree bark can be rubbed against teeth. Powdered dried bay leaves and orange peels as well as wood ash and water make perfect pastes to whiten discolored teeth.

Instantaneous Ways of Whitening Teeth

Stop tartar and stain buildup while you shower by using a 5-minute whitening strip treatment which you can easily purchase from nearby stores. You can also snack on slices of apples, celery and carrots because these crunchy veggies and fruits can actually help you clean your teeth without you noticing it. When you dine out and you do not have enough time to brush, chew some sugar-free gums to suck up all newly acquired superficial stains on your teeth. Swishing water after each meal for about 30 seconds is a simple yet often neglected technique for teeth whitening through stain accumulation prevention.


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