Alta White Teeth Whitening Review

Alta White Teeth Whitening Review

Alta White Teeth Whitening Product Review

Getting pearly and sparkling white teeth is everyone’s dream. Proof of that are the millions of dollars spent on dental services specifically in teeth whitening in the US every year. However, because of the hard economic condition hitting the country, more consumers are now finding alternative solutions to achieve whiter teeth in a more affordable way. When it comes to an effective and affordable alternative remedy for teeth whitening, one of the popular names in the market today is the Alta White Teeth Whitening product.

Alta White Teeth Whitening – By Teeth Whiten Tips

Some of the common teeth problems people suffer are stains due to the consumption of coffee, tea and other foods that leaves stain to the teeth. Smoking is also another major factor that causes teeth discoloration and plaque buildup. All these issues are the main focus of Alta White Teeth Whitening product.

Alta White Teeth Whitening product is a two-step home teeth whitening system manufactured and distributed by Teeth Whiten Tips. This product has been developed and distributed in the market since 2011. A lot of great reviews were already given for this product because of its efficacy and other wonderful benefits to oral hygiene.

Alta White Teeth Whitening Review

How the Product Works?

When you buy a package, you will receive a box containing swabs or the applicators, and the powder placed in a small jar. Alta White Teeth Whitening can be effectively used using a 2-step process.

First step is to get a swab and then remove its covering. Each swab is diluted with a liquid solution made of water, glycerin, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, and peppermint flavor. Most of the ingredients are derived from natural extracts used by organic pharmaceutical companies today in their beauty products so the company ensures consumer that the solutions and active ingredients are definitely safe and side effects-free.

After getting a swab, the second step is to dip the swab into the powder. The powder is made up of active ingredients that clean, whiten and polish teeth. Some of the major ingredients of the powder are aluminum trihydroxide and magnesium peroxide. The aluminum trihydroxide is the main ingredient that makes teeth shinier and whiter. The magnesium peroxide is added into the powder in order to make the product more effective by releasing oxygen, which helps in scrubbing off stains and plaques in affected areas of the teeth.

One of the great things about this product is that compared to the conventional solutions like teeth whitening strips, trays, and gels, Alta White Teeth Whitening minimized its chemical components and make sure that almost all ingredients used in the product are sourced and manufactured naturally. Teeth whitening gels and trays are usually composed of harsh chemicals that although effectively whitens teeth after months of use, it can also have negative effects and might even damage teeth in the long run.

By regular use of this product, stains and plaques can be easily removed in as short as 6 days. Manufacturers recommend using separate swabs for the upper and lower teeth to ensure best results. With continued use, a lot of people can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from monthly dental services and teeth whitening products.

Alta White Teeth Whitening Review

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Alta White Teeth Whitening Product


  • Easy to apply and requires only two steps so anyone can easily and properly use the product by just reading the instructions on the box.
  • It provides the fastest result in terms of whitening teeth, as fast as 6 days of regular use.
  • Aside from whitening teeth and removing stains, this product also effectively removes plaque buildup.
  • People can now do away with expensive and uncomfortable teeth whitening solutions like veneers, strips, trays, and gels.
  • People can save a lot of money since this product reduces cost on dental visits and teeth whitening services.
  • The company offers free package for first time consumers.
  • Money-back guarantee is also provide in order to allow consumers to get their money back in case they do not see the results as stated in the product description and label.


  • Consumers still need to pay for the shipping fee if they want to order the product.
  • Subscription fee is also a must and will require consumers to call for cancellation in case they do not want to continue using the product.
  • Some ingredients may be allergic so proper understanding of the ingredients is important before usage.
  • It is not recommended to pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • May not also be recommended to consumers with kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal disorders.

The Final Verdict

Alta White Teeth Whitening product has already received a lot of good and positive reviews from their consumers worldwide. When it comes to efficacy and practicality, this product is definitely a better option compared to teeth whitening services like crowns, veneers, or teeth whitening trays and gels. The only downside to this product is the possibility of allergic reaction, which is also rare case since most of the ingredients are natural. So all in all, this product is definitely a good choice to anyone who wants cleaner, whiter sparkling teeth.

Alta White Teeth Whitening Review


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